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This table sets out all of my delivery charges

Solus (Delivered on its own)
Shared (Delivered with up to 4 others)
 Area  Volume   Per Leaflet   Total Cost 
 Per Leaflet 
 Total Cost

Tenterden & St Michaels and villages

 7,000 10p  £700  5p  £350

 25,000  10p  £2,500  5p  £1250
Staplehurst & Headcorn and villages

 7,000  10p  £700  5p  £350



 25,000 10p  £2,500 5p £1250
All four areas

 64,000  9.5p £6080  £4.75p  £3040

FREE COLLECTION SERVICE - many companies charge a fee for the collection of your
leaflets (typical cost around £20) at we collect for FREE

We offer our clients two delivery options. Solus Delivery option where the item is delivered
on its own with no other leaflet to distract the potential customer or the cheaper alternative
of Shared Distribution where your leaflet goes out with up to four others at a lower rate to
save costs. The shared distribution option will always be with non  competing companies
or products.